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J.T.S Tree Expert, Inc. provides professional tree services such as large tree removals, tree assessments, cabling, line clearance and tree replacements. Our company currently holds one of the leading positions in the tree service industry in the Bay Area of California. It was founded by Veronica Bejines.

Our company is more than a tree service business.

We contribute to the preservation of the natural environment.

Our Philosophy

tree illustrationJ.T.S Tree Expert, Inc. provides a wide range of tree services while focusing on environmental protection. We are devoted to the protection of trees as much as possible while providing our customers with professional tree services.

We offer our customers the opportunity to save healthy trees which may represent a potential threat to cables and other elements of infrastructure. With professional services, such as cabling, we help our customers complete their projects and save trees at the same time.

We believe that trees are vitally important for the local flora and fauna. They work as pumps that consume CO2 and emit O2 and are also home to and the source of food for birds and animals in the area.

Our California company provides responsible, efficient, prudent tree services, knowing that the mistreatment of trees could have disastrous and irrevocable effects on the local environment.

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WORKER CERTIFICATIONS: General Safety, FA/CPR/AED, Aerial Rescue, EHAP, Pruning & Rigging

SERVICE AREAS: Fremont, Newark, Hayward, Union City, East Bay

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